Take control of your professional appliances.

Introducing professional connectivity.

With ConnectLife, you can unlock the full potential of your laundry room. Our new range of professional laundry appliances feature a wifi-module, meaning you can monitor, control and book products on-the-go. It simplifies service, administration and ultimately saves you valuable time and money in the end. Read more below.

Web tool for owners

With our administration web tool, you can access machine statuses, current states, appliance usage (by year, month or week), as well as access usage statistics, see location data, total cycle counts and much more. You can also update your sets of programs in machines. Furthermore, it allows you to create rooms that can be booked via the ConnectLife™ Laundry application.  It is truly a future-proof tool that opens up for possible advancements including Artificial Intelligence (AI) functions, data analysis etc.

  • Get an overview of your machine park and laundry rooms. 
  • Simplify service by knowing when and why a machine needs to be checked on.
  • Group your machines into rooms, to get an even better overview.
  • Follow statistics about usage, and more.
  • Accessible on a computer, or on your handheld device for responsiveness on-the-go.
  • Update your sets of programs.
  • You can create Special programs remotely.

Mobile application – for pairing and connecting to your appliance

With the standard ConnectLife™ application, you can connect and pair the professional laundry range to your account, and also set up rooms that you then can control in the web tool – all while on the go, accessible on your phone. 

ConnectLife™ end user booking tool

ASKO´s user app, called ConnectLife™ Laundry is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Your users will be up and running in no time. The application can be downloaded to their smartphone or tablet and the user can then access the laundry room from any location. 

Some of the benefits:
  • List of Professional Soft Paired appliances.
  • Book a Laundry room.
  • Button Add new appliance.
  • Status monitoring of machine.
  • Running, broken, maintenance etc.
  • Room Booking and cancellation.