ASKO Professional offers an exclusive range of high-quality washing machines, tumble dryers, drying cabinets and dishwashers that will provide the ideal solution for businesses across the hotels and restaurants sector. Specialized for a variety of hotels and restaurants-focused demands, such as timeliness, high-durability, and cost-effectiveness, these professional appliances will ensure that your business runs smoothly, whether it be a boutique hotel, cafe or large resort. 

ASKO Professional disinfection

Washing Machine
The washers have special disinfection programs ensuring that the strict demands from the health authorities are met. The disinfection is achieved through high element output and strict temperature and time control. You can choose between three different disinfection programs: 90 °C, 60 °C and 40 °C. For the 60 °C and 40 °C programs a special detergent is required to reach correct disinfection. All our washers can be connected to external Auto-dosing systems and the detergent compartments are prepared for liquid detergent dosage. Practical, convenient and saving both the environment and your wallet as less detergents are used.
ASKO Professional dishwashers meet the increased demand for disinfection. Final rinse at 85°C for a minimum of 3 minutes are among the basic requirements and this you get with ASKO Professional dishwashers. Just choose any of the SANI-programs specially developed for disinfection. Disinfection doesn’t have to take long, the fastest disinfection program is only 20 minutes on the DWC5926W and up to 45 minutes on the DWCBI231 and the DWCBI252. Automatic detergent dosing, possible on the DWC5926W and the DWCFS5936S, provide correct detergent dosage every time, saving the environment from overdosing and saving money for you.